– Kali Morgan started PASSIONAL (then Fetishes Boutique) to fit Philadelphia for genuine corsets and fantasy fashion in 1996 when she launched her online catalog and scheduled private fittings in her home.

– In 1997, Kali teamed up with local designers Delicious Corsets to create the Diabolique Ball, Philadelphia’s annual fantasy charity ball which is famous for over-the-top corset-inspired costumes and exotic fashions.

– In 1998, Ms. Morgan opened her storefront at 704 S. 5th Street with a ready-to-wear selection of dozens of corset styles sized to fit natural waistlines from 22” to 60.” She also added high quality adult accessories to the merchandise mix, at the request of her local customers.

– In 1999, Fetishes Boutique began fitting plus-sized teens into corsets and bustiers for proms and weddings, much to the surprise of the store staff.

– In 2002, Kali launched a gift cart for Valentine’s Day in the Cherry Hill Mall, where corseted salespeople laced customers into corsets on top of their clothes- in the middle of the Mall!

– In 2004, Kali changed the name of her store to PASSIONAL, and re-launched PASSIONAL Magazine as a full-color publication with a focus on corsets, fashion, and passion.

– In 2013, PASSIONAL moved from its original home on 5th St to a lavish new boutique space at 317 South St, bringing PASSIONAL’s famous corsetry to a wider audience on the South Street shopping corridor.
– Currently, PASSIONAL Boutique stocks over 150 overbust and underbust corsets and cinchers. Available in elegant brocades, velvets, silk, satin, denim, costume-inspired leather, vinyl, latex, and other unique fabrications, the PASSIONAL corset collection represents the talents of about a dozen local and international designers.

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