Buying a Corset

The selection of corsets in PASSIONAL’s Philadelphia Boutique (and various vending events) varies depending upon season and local events. We have over 200 ready-to-wear corsets (sizes 18″-48″) in stock that can be fitted to your body if you visit our store in Philadelphia. We also regularly take 50+ corsets on the road to our event booths.

Popular styles are crafted from strong yet luxurious fabrics including satin, velvet, silk, satin, leather and brocades. Construction usually is measured in “ply”–the number of layers of fabrics involved in the making of  the corset. The typical corset features 2 or 3 layers of fabric, with a heavier cotton coutil being most used for the lining to protect the more delicate outer fabrics like silk, satin, or brocade from the friction the body creates.
Underbust Corsets and Waist Cinchers are often worn as a wide belt around a a dress or combination of top and bottom, or as lingerie, often with detachable garter suspenders.

Overbust Corsets can be worn like a top with a jacket and bottom or with a skirt or as lingerie,  often with four to eight detachable garter suspenders.


Sizing is an important aspect of wearing a corset. PASSIONAL Boutique measures around the waist, appoximately 1″ above the belly button, deducting four inches from the wearer’s natural waist size, or slightly more for large sizes. Torso length and body shape also affect corset sizing.


If you cannot be fitted in person, or if you are purchasing a gift, we can help! Just send a photo and the natural waist size (around the belly button) or dress size as well as your fabric/ color preference and we can help you choose from our in-stock selection, or we can order from a standard pattern at no additional charge, aside from shipping costs.

We also offer CUSTOM FITTINGS  for a selection of our most popular styles, though not all of our corset designs and fabric are eligible for this service. Please contact us for more information about corset customization (usually custom corsets start about $100 more than corsets cut from a standard pattern).

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