Cleaning Corsets

The vast majority of corsets should be dry-cleaned only. DO NOT  handwash or launder PASSIONAL corsets. Many corsets can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and color safe soap in case of an emergency, but it is not advised to do so for silk fabrics. Read on for more cleaning tips:

Wipe leather corsets with a damp cloth. Note that in the case of leather, a little perfume goes a long way.

– Wash latex corsets with a soapy sponge then rinse with a clean sponge and towel dry.

-Do not overclean, as each dry-cleaning process will put wear and tear on your corset, especially fabric corsets.

-Wear a machine-washable tube top, bodysuit or corset liner between your body and the corset to protect the garment from sweat and oil; you will not have to dry-clean your corset as often.

– IMPORTANT: Bustiers with plastic stays cannot be dry-cleaned as the process may melt the boning and damage the garment –check the care tags on these garments (see “bustiers” in the glossary).

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