Lacing corsets

Keep your corset laced. You do not need to unlace corsets with front closures (unless your lace breaks). Simply loosen the laces, close the front, and tighten your corset using the center loops.

– Re-lace corsets with care. Allow plenty of space for your body, usually 4-6” (which will require 6-12 yards depending upon the length of your corset). PASSIONAL prefers strong, round nylon “boot lace” but some of our designers use pretty nylon ribbon or flat cotton “shoe string.”

– Research lacing methods. Whether you are corseting yourself or a friend, you may find lacing methods that work best for your needs. Because the PASSIONAL collection represents a dozen international designers, some corsets are laced using a particular designer’s preferred technique.

The PASSIONAL preferred lacing method.

One of the easiest and most convenient lacing methods, in our opinion

One of the easiest and most convenient lacing methods, in our opinionThe PASSIONAL preferred lacing technique:

Our preferred in-store technique is inside x, outside X with a standard loop in the center (some body mod enthusiasts prefer a reverse cinch loop in the center of their corsets for a stronger self-cinch, see below).

Other common techniques (choose which one works best for you):

This method is popular with self-lacers

Tightlacing method

Tightlacing method

-Start lacing from the top of the corset working down towards the bottom.

-When you have reached the waist line of the corset, you will want to create a puller loop on each side. To create right side puller loop, follow lacing diagram A-D. When you have reached grommet corresponding to “A”, skip down on opposite side to grommet “B”. From point “B”, loop back through grommet “C”. From “C”, skip down to grommet “D”.

-You will repeat this process on the opposite side with the other lacing strand to create corresponding left side puller loop.

-When left and right puller loops have been created, lace down the rest of the corset and knot at the bottom.

British designers use flat cotton “shoe string” lace which stays put using thislacing pattern:

A British Method

A British Method

Vollers corsets recommends this simple lacing method that repeats a basic cross-pattern from both ends of the corset to the cinch loop.

Philadelphia’s Delicious corset designers combine this basic method with the reverse loop of the prior method (above).

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