Ins and outs of corsetry

Wrapping yourself in a beautifully crafted corset is the perfect packaging for a tall, secure, sexy and stylish new you! Tightening, wearing, loosening and caring for a quality corset is a ritual of self-love that can become addictive.
Getting into your corset
– Loosen your corset laces all they way before fastening the front of your corset (usually creating 4-6” gap between the panels). Remember that a typical corset will compress your body down by at least an inch. It will be difficult for you to fasten your corset if the laces are tight, plus you may injure yourself or your corset!

– If you have a corset with a hook-and-eye busk, start with the second hook from the bottom or the second hook from the top.* This will give you more leverage and make putting on your corset an easier task.
-Then, grab the opposite side of the busk (top if you started second from bottom and vice versa) to connect each hook from the one you started with.

– Tie a bow behind your back. Never tie your corset string around your waist. Learn to tie the loops of your corset (in a bow like a shoelace) behind your back, or get a friend to tie it for you to prevent bending your corset’s stays.

Getting out of your corset
– Loosen the laces of your corset completely before unfastening the front of your corset. Attempting to unhook a corset busk without unlacing and decompressing your corset and your body can hurt you, and it can also hurt the corset by bending up the stays.

Waist-train with care
-If you are interested in body modification, do some research, listen to your body’s signals and GO SLOWLY. Bruising your ribs and causing yourself injury will not help you achieve the desired results. Search “body modification” for more info.

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